See how your flipbooks perform

Document tracking has never been easier. Keep track of views, devices, engagements, and other relevant flipbook information. Access statistics for the entire workspace, flipbook, or individual page. Integrate Google Analytics to access more advanced data. Stop guessing! Analyze the numbers instead.

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Follow easy to understand statistics

Stay informed and plan accordingly. Set a time range and discover how well your online publications perform. View stats for individual flipbooks or all flipbooks combined. Take a look at a summary of statistics, or view them in a timeline report. Download each report as a CSV for quick offline access.

Different flipbook statistics in Flipsnack

Impressions & Views

See how many times people have accessed and interacted with your flipbooks.

Average time spent

Discover how much time your readers have spent on average reading your flipbooks.


Find out the number of times your readers have downloaded your flipbooks in PDF format.

Track the source and user location

Discover how people access your publications and the main locations your traffic comes from. Do users prefer to read your flipbooks on phones, tablets, or desktops? Where are most of your readers from? Find out and make decisions based on this information.

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Traffic source and user location statistics

Access more in-depth statistics

Page level statistics

Flipbook statistics might not be enough for you. You might want a more detailed insight. Take a look at the views, clicks, and average time spent for each page individually. Learn what makes a page attractive for your viewers.

Engagement statistics

Include interactive elements in your publications and see how well they perform. Find out how many times your readers have clicked on each interactive element. Understand which elements your readers prefer interacting with.

Gain lead form information easily

Lead forms are the perfect tool for a lead generation campaign, so include them in your publications. Use Flipsnack to create gated content, then see when people have completed the forms and all their submitted data. Download the data as CSV and upload it into your CRM software for easy access.

Track trends and measure growth

Keep track

Keep track

Keep track of statistics for each document you have uploaded or created in Flipsnack.



Analyze data that matters the most to you: reader behavior, interaction, traffic source. You decide.



Make the changes necessary to grow. Customize the flipbooks based on your readers’ preferences.

Dive deeper into advanced statistics

Integrate Google Analytics for deeper insights

Connect Google Analytics to individual catalogs or your Flipsnack profile. Integrate it directly or through Google Tag Manager. Unlock and observe additional data: bounce rates, demographics, engagement, UTM tracking, and more. Get to know your audience better.

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Google Analytics integration with Flipsnack catalog

Track individual stats for readers

Share your documents with specific people who have read-only access. Keep track of statistics for each reader individually. See how much time teammates spend reading internal documents or how each customer engages with the interactive elements from your catalog.

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Reader statistics in Flipsnack

Measure stats for your flipbooks

Analyze data and optimize your business strategy