Meeting Top 5 Best Online News Sites to Follow

Many people around the world are confused and worried because numerous online news sites provide their readers with unverified, controversial, or completely fictional information. Especially this fact applies to the developed countries of North America and Western Europe where citizens used to deal with truthful and free media.

How to Survive in the Post-Truth Era of Media Outlets?

Nowadays we are living in the post-truth era. One of the main characteristics of this era is the significant superiority of fake news stories and “alternative facts” touted by politicians and oligarchs over real facts and truth. It means that people who want to find a truthful source of information need to go a hard way for it. All information even posted on the most popular online news sites needs to be the subject of criticism. Only in such a way it is possible to become media literate.

The same rule should be applied to all sources of information, such as “based on a true story” movies, TV shows, and others, not only media outlets.

The List of the Best Online News Sites Provide Worldwide News

Internet is more than glad to provide you with news from numerous free online newspapers and the most progressive news sites with dozens of posts per day. But it is crucial to understand can you trust these media outlets or no. Many of them can be just marketplaces with hidden advertising integrated. Worse if they manipulate the information for their purposes, such as the promotion of this or that politician or party, the adoption of this or that bill, and others. Moreover, some of these free online newspapers can even be used as propaganda that also take a place in our modern world.

Below, you will be able to see the top 5 best online news sites that publish news from all over the world and are world-famous. This list is filled with only time-tested online news sites, that proved their compliance with high ethical journalism standards, not just the most progressive news sites with the largest increase in the number of new subscriptions for today.

BBC News

Headquarter: London, UK

Launched: November 1997

BBC, The British Broadcasting Corporation, was founded in 1922 what makes them the oldest national broadcaster in the world. BBC News is a subsidiary of BBC with one of the largest writers’ staff among competitors, namely over 2 thousand journalists, and branches in many countries. No wonder that BBC News has one of the most popular online news sites in the world that provides people with the latest actual and confirmed information from every part of the planet. Leading positions by the number of followers in all major social networks, namely near 55 million on Facebook, over 30 million on Twitter, and over 16 million on Instagram prove the level of readers trust that BBC deserved over the years.

The New York Times

Headquarter: New York, USA

Launched: January 1996

The New York Times is a time-tested leading newspaper in the United States. Founded in 1851 and still remain one of the most influential newspapers and online news sites in the country and in the world with 130 won Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper. Many Americans consider this news company as the agenda-setting. The New York Times is a leading organization in covering culture, politics, and business and the number of followers in social networks only proves this thesis: over 17 million on Facebook, over 48 million on Twitter, and over 11 million on Instagram.

The Wall Street Journal

Headquarter: New York, USA

Launched: April 1996

The Wall Street Journal was founded in 1889 as a business newspaper and till today remains the main international business news organization. Moreover, since a media mogul from Australia Rupert Murdoch purchased the company, it started to cover more general news also remaining the business news resource. The Wall Street Journal has won several Pulitzer Prizes for thorough fact-based reporting, clear thesis, and bold arguments. WSJ has an impressive audience on social networks, namely near 7 million followers on Facebook, over 18 million on Twitter, and over 3 million on Instagram.

The Washington Post

Headquarter: Washington, D.C., USA

Launched: June 1996

The Washington Post was founded in 1877 and over the years of activity won 69 Pulitzer Prizes and produced many big scoops. The biggest scoop was probably the Watergate scandal in 1972-1974 years that ended with the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Nowadays the company is owned by Jeff Bezos whose backing helps to hire new talented reporters while competitors pruning their reporting staff. The number of The Washington Post followers on the major social networks: near 7 million on Facebook, near 17 million on Twitter, and over 4 million on Instagram.

The Economist

Headquarter: London, UK

Launched: June 1997

The Economist is one more representative of England in the list of the most reputable online news sites in the world. The magazine was founded in 1843 which makes it one of the oldest economic news organizations. Moreover, The Economist is still remaining leading positions in the world due to excellent journalists and economists staff. The numbers from social networks prove the level of readers’ trust: over 9 million followers on Facebook, over 25 million on Twitter, and over 5 million on Instagram.

Be Media Literate

Every person understands how crucial is to correctly assess the situation, draw the right conclusions, and make optimal decisions. But it is absolutely impossible without correct input information that affects your life in one way or another. You should critically evaluate each post in free online newspapers and even the most popular online news sites. Check their evidence and sources. And remember that fictional information is always published by online news sites with a certain purpose and you probably will not like it. It is hard to become media literate but this skill will surely help you many times in your further life.